10 Best Affordable Fragrances

10 Best Affordable Fragrances

10 Best Affordable Fragrances

In this article, we bring you ten fragrances for different tastes. They all have two things in common – they are beautiful and very affordable.


If you want to find yourself an inexpensive and not the most hackneyed fragrance, Hilfiger is worth a closer look. Their price is symbolic and they smell just as good as many of the luxury fragrances. Especially the men’s fragrance. The first fragrance came out back in 1995 on the wave of popularity of fresh flavors. And despite the respectable age still sounds quite appropriate and modern. Crisp green apple, bergamot, sweet mint, making us think of toothpaste and sour cranberry. Also in the pyramid are cotton flowers, citrus, lavender, cactus, rose and ambergris. It is positioned as a men’s fragrance, but in fact it is an excellent unisex fragrance for every day.


In my subjective opinion, this fragrance is the most successful in the entire line. This is largely due to the unusual combination of rather infrequent notes. Strawberry, pomegranate and water lily set the tone of the composition and create its main mood. They are supported by the notes of ginger, musk, flowers and Japanese hinoki plant. On the skin it reveals fruity and floral honey, but not sugary, but with a sourness. By the way, the fragrance is similar to Spring Flower Creed, but much cheaper.


No selection of budget fragrances on our channel is without Lalique fragrances. Today I want to introduce you to Satine. Usually this house has impeccable naming. When you read what is written on the bottle, you already have the idea of what the fragrance should smell like. In the case of Satine, in my opinion, the name does not correspond to the fragrance. Satine is a fabric, it can be made of silk or cotton threads, but it is always smooth. The fragrance, on the other hand, is soft, like a favorite wool cardigan or a fine cashmere sweater. Yes, yes, the name “Cashmere” is much more suitable for this soft fragrance, assembled from notes of tonka bean, chocolate heliotrope, milk sandalwood, vanilla and several other components.


The sound of this fragrance is as if summoned to glorify the beauty and generosity of the southern land, rich, black and fertile. L’Insoumis starts with notes of humus and something warm and alcoholic, like rum or cognac. The second nuance fades away rather quickly, green notes: laurel, basil, lavender, vetiver, etc. are intertwined with the first one. Once the composition finally heats up on your skin, the woods come through, thus completing the composition. The result: a brutal fragrance, tough on the outside and sweet on the inside.


When choosing a good budget fragrance for yourself, it’s definitely worth exploring Azzaro’s affordable range. Here, for example, Mademoiselle’s 2017 sample, L’eau Tres Belle, exploits the same image as the previous and subsequent releases. A young Parisian with a beret on her head and a baguette under her armpit. The image hardly exists in reality, but many of the girls who come to this city strive for something similar. The fragrance is unlikely to bring you closer to it, but it will definitely make you happy. Juicy cranberry, ripe blueberry in a filling of almond macaroni cake, slightly indolent flowers of jasmine and hawthorn, peach, sandalwood, a little caramel and roses. Against the backdrop of many fragrances in this price and target category takes almost the most advantageous position.


The most budget-friendly hero in our selection today. Expectedly sweet, but not cloying or trite. Yes, it has a rather plain base, which is common to inexpensive fragrances, but if you compare Play it Sexy to its fellows, it wins for sure. Licorice is tightly intertwined with vanilla, resulting in a tart, sweet and slightly bitter at the same time. Pink pepper adds spice and patchouli makes the fragrance seem rough. The result is sweet and spicy at the same time.


Usually when they create a masculine fragrance in the budget segment, they make either a citrus or a fuzzy composition. Favignana is one of the three compositions of the brand, which are included in the line Solarissimo, designed to glorify the different islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the different times of day. It is easy to guess by the color of the bottle that in this case it refers to the sunset, and by the name – to the island of Favignana. The composition is based on three main ingredients – lemon, tobacco and cedar, and rum note pervades the composition from the beginning to the end. It is as if saturated with sunset, warm and kind.


Everything we said about Azzaro, it is worth saying about Trussardi. A budget brand with its own style, character and ethos. Of all the fragrances the brand has available today, be sure to try Donna. It has been around since 1994, but was re-released in 2011. Can a fragrance built around a note of dried fruit be subtle and unobtrusive? Natalie Lorson, who signed Donna’s formula, claims it can. The dried fruit here is framed in jasmine and fleur d’orange petals and tinged with citrus. You read the description and nothing makes sense. On the skin it is a fruity fragrance with creamy and floral tones, very appropriate to the name and the bottle it was placed in.


The fragrance is a lifetime legend. It was released in the distant 1995, it is already difficult to find it on the shelves of perfume stores (it is mostly available only online), but it still continues to occupy the leading positions in sales. Probably because it is already a true quality classic. The main contrast and charm of the composition in its floral heart. Fluffy mimosa, powdery iris and bitter apothecary chamomile are intertwined in the fragrance so tightly. In addition to the flowers mentioned, there are a great many more in the fragrance: narcissus, rose, geranium, freesia, jasmine and many more. But despite this, there is no sense of a nose-tingling polleniness and floral stupefaction. On the contrary, Cerruti 1881 is a slightly bitter and very elegant floral perfume without age.


It can safely be called a classic, because several generations of guys have grown up adoring this perfume. Released 10 years ago, but rather assembled in the traditions of the 90s – Davidoff Cool Water, Armani Aqua di Gio, Kenzo Pure Homme and others. Smells like water, juicy but unsweetened melon and other fruits. A little spice and wood add warmth to the fragrance. Many people compare this fragrance to Versace E`eau Freich, but its price is much more delicate. Cheerful, positive perfume with notes of purity and freshness.