Best Perfume for Women: Dazzling Guide

Best Perfume for Women: Dazzling Guide

Best Perfume for Women: Dazzling Guide

The last thing men pay attention to a girl’s smell. And to smell always good will help only the best perfumes for women, which can be selected with the help of our rating. We have studied the reviews about them, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of this information was compiled TOP, which included good persistent, plume, pheromone perfumes, including inexpensive from well-known brands. The review includes both sweet and “spicy” options.


o Rating of perfumes for women
o The best perfumes with pheromones
o The most delicate perfumes for women
o Persistent perfumes for women with a trail
o How to choose a perfume for women
o Which perfume for women

Rating of perfumes for women

When ranking women’s perfumes, we took into account men’s opinions and feedback from the girls themselves. It was necessary to make sure of their high quality, safety, ease of use, versatility in use. The top was prepared taking into account the main features of the products – cloying, persistent, delicate.

Analyzing the reviews and characteristics of the products, attention was paid to the following points:

o Year of release and novelty of the formula;
o Persistence of the fragrance;
o Strength and length of the trail;
o Composition of top, middle and base notes, as well as their compatibility;
o Richness of the pyramid;
o The sweetness or tartness of the fragrance;
o The convenience and volume of the bottle;
o Efficiency of consumption;
o The cost and popularity of the products;
o The originality of the perfume;
o Availability in stores.

We also took into account how likely it is to buy a fake, what age the perfume is suitable for, when it can be worn – seasonality and time of day (day and/or evening). The nature of the girls for whom the products are intended, and the absence of allergies to their use, were also important. The best perfumes with pheromones By such perfumes we mean perfumes, where special chemicals are added that affect the human neuroendocrine system, including sexual behavior. As a consequence, men become interested and attracted. They are divided according to their origin into organic (given by nature) and synthetic ones made in labs. After analyzing the characteristics of 10 nominees, three of the best women’s perfumes according to the opinion of men were successfully selected on the basis of firmness and brightness of the smell.

Sexy Life #37.

A perfume with a strong scent, which can be released in just a few drops. The pheromones used here enhance the effect on men and attract the attention of others. Soft notes of cedar, lotus, raspberry and plum, which successfully combine in one composition, ensure the attraction of a woman. The base is made on the basis of musk and ambergris, which are considered strong pheromones. They are powerful aromatic fixers, evoking sensuality and desire in the opposite sex. The composition is characterized by harmony and smooth disclosure of the scent, which persists throughout the day. Advantages: o Suitable for any time of day; o Quick revealing of the fragrance; o Slowly wears off when outdoors; o Optimal concentration of active ingredients; o Can be used at different times of the year. Disadvantages: o Small volume – 10 ml. Due to the high concentration of active ingredients, the product is economically consumed and leaves a pleasant smell on clothes. The tube with a small diameter of the neck is convenient to carry in your purse. Pherolab Pink Private Pherolab Pink Private” perfume is characterized by a delicate fragrance, attracting men’s attention and making a woman seductive. All this is made possible by the mixing of floral and fruity notes. It harmoniously combines the smell of black currant, apple, red orange, watermelon, melon and jasmine. The girl who uses this perfume is followed by a long and pleasant trail. It is a symbiosis of ambroxane, cedar and musk, which does not cause irritation to others and does not lead to allergies. The base of the composition though oil-based, but when you get on clothes greasy traces do not remain.

o Memorable scent;
o Suitable for all ages;
o Versatile use;
o Beautiful packaging – can be used as a gift;
o Convenient bottle.
o Not the lowest price.

Pherolab Pink Private are sold in a translucent container, so it is convenient to control its consumption. Female pheromone perfume sprays well on the wrist and neck, behind the earlobes.

Desire Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger.

This version looks more like a sample, as the volume of the package is only 5 ml. However, because of the high concentration of active ingredients, the product consumption is minimal and it lasts for a long enough period of time. The composition is safe for women, the only ingredients are pheromone and propylene glycol. Desire Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger is characterized by a certain coolness that makes the girl modern and attractive. The initial notes are represented by pear, black currant, mandarin and orange. Therefore, this product is primarily suitable for those who are not allergic to citrus fruits. The middle notes (or heart notes) are based on exotic plants – tuberose, freesia, hibiscus and ginger flower. This unusual combination makes the fragrance original and unrecognizable. Musk, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and California cedar round out the composition.

o Quality oil base;
o No animal ingredients;
o Inexpensive;
o Can be applied under the knees, behind the ears, on the wrist and neck;
o Suitable for women of all ages.

o Not immediately revealing.

The Gentlest Spirits for Women

These perfumes are soft and harmonious, their base notes flow smoothly into the middle and upper notes. They are suitable for women with a calm, balanced character. It is a good option for everyday use, including at work. Representatives studied the features of seven nominees and by selecting the most pleasant to the sense of smell included in the review the best fragrances for women’s perfumes.

Chanel № 5

A widespread perfume that belongs to the premium series. The product is sold in a glass transparent bottle, allowing you to observe the contents. Available in 7, 7.5, 10, 14, 15, 35, 50 and 100 ml. If you buy a larger amount you can save a lot of money. Chanel #5 is characterized by a delicate fragrance that does not irritate men. It is characterized by persistence, which does not allow the product to wash out in the rain and evaporate in the wind. The product is suitable for use at any time of the year, both in cold and warm seasons. It is a good option for connoisseurs of luxury that can be used on both weekdays and holidays.

o Plumey fragrance;
o Relevant to lovers of retro and classic;
o Wide range of volumes;
o Easy to apply;
o Slowly wears off.

o Expensive if the package has a capacity of more than 15 ml.
According to reviews, the fragrance of the popular brand at the beginning feels as sharp and ringing, and then it becomes gentle and then gains strength.

Lacoste pour Femme Legere

One of the most delicate perfumes for women in the ranking. On the outside, the product looks simple, but the bottle holds a strong fragrance that creates an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness. It is fragrant, leaves behind a large trail, imprints on the skin and clothing. The perfumer skillfully combined notes of violets, hibiscus, jasmine, heliotrope, rose, sandalwood and many other plants in one composition. The fragrance reveals itself not immediately but 5-10 minutes after it is applied to the skin. Its power lasts for several hours, it does not wear off in the street and is resistant to rain. The concentration of active substances here is not very high, so the trail is soft and unobtrusive, natural.

o Suitable for both weekdays and holidays;
o Economical to use;
o Can be applied before a date, a walk, work, or a trip to the theater;
o Relaxing effect;
o Available in 30 ml;
o Can be ordered from any major online store.

o Water needs to be used less intensely in summer;
o Price is higher than average.

The perfume “Lacoste Pour Femme”, judging by the reviews, is most often bought by girls aged 16-30, although there are also adult women among the fans.

Dilis Parfum Classic Collection №1

This middle-value perfume was created back in 1998. It did not lose its relevance since then, delighting with a gentle trail. The fragrance is pleasant to inhale for a long time, it is easily perceived and is not dangerous to the nasal mucosa. The product emphasizes the versatility of a woman, excites men and makes them listen to herself. Dilis Parfum Classic Collection №1 successfully combines spicy and floral notes that are skillfully combined in a single composition. It is a good option for those who like the golden mean between sweet and spicy. The base notes are a combination of tonka bean, musk, civet, vetiver, sandalwood, ambergris and bamboo. The exoticism of the components allows you to quickly recognize the girl.

o Small amount of components in the middle notes;
o Considerable volume – 30 ml;
o Pleasant top notes – based on rose, narcissus, violet, jasmine;
o Adequate price;
o Long-lasting on the body.

o Not everyone likes peach in the top notes. In the middle notes of the perfume fragrance for women from the famous brand uses tuberose, rosemary and aldehydes, successfully complementing the base sweeter counterparts.

Miss Dior Original

“I regularly use this perfume, I apply it before visiting various cultural events, as well as restaurants. It lasts until the evening, though it loses its power over time. People around me are always curious about it, and other women wonder what kind of perfume I’m using…”. Expert Opinion The original perfume by the famous designer, which was the first fragrance by Christian Dior. They combine audacity and elegance in sound. The initial chord is opened by a voluminous trail, emphasizing the courage of choice. Jasmine sambac, galbanum, May rose, patchouli and moss harmonize in a fresh floral chypre. The product is sold in an expensive bottle, suitable for presenting as a gift. It is decorated with golden thread and a white satin bow, making the package aesthetic. The packaging has a capacity of 15 ml, which is enough for more than one month if consumed carefully.

o New – created in 2014;
o Each component plays its role;
o Harmonious smell;
o Long lasting on the body;
o Refinement.
o High cost.

As the reviews show, the product opens well in all three notes – base, middle, high. Persistent perfumes for women with a trail Plume refers to the fragrance with the effect of a long echo, making itself known at a considerable distance from a woman and leaving a fragrant aftertaste. Five popular products can be highlighted in this category, each of which is distinguished by its strangeness, good persistence and sophistication.

Novaya Zarya Patchouli d’Or

The perfume is created for both girls and adult women. They are designed for use in the fall, winter, spring due to the warm warming fragrance. The product was released in 2017 and is not yet that popular, so it allows you to stand out in the crowd. The product belongs to the group of floral woody musk. Novaya Zarya Patchouli d’Or has particularly well chosen top notes. It naturally combines jasmine, orange, black pepper and mandarin. These components make the fragrance spicy and at the same time pleasantly sweet, not boring the woman and other people. In the middle notes of persistent perfumes for women only two base substances are used: jasmine and plum. Each of them shows itself well even when worn for a long time, making a smooth transition from a sharp top to a softer base. We are talking about vanilla, frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli. Advantages: o Create the image of an elegant woman; o Good selection of ingredients; o Optimal proportions; o Not like other fragrances; o Long-lasting throughout the day. Disadvantages: o Considerable difference in price for a bottle of 16 ml and 30 ml. Reviews show that the product successfully complements the evening toiletries and is suitable for application in all relevant places – behind the ears, on the wrist and neck.

Lanvin Arpege pour Femme

These perfumes are distinguished above all by their beautiful, festive packaging. That is why they are often bought as a gift for loved ones. The fragrance is named after the author’s daughter who plays the piano. The notes of the composition sound consecutive, smoothly unfolding throughout the day. Due to this, the fragrance does not bore the others or the woman for a long time.

Lanvin Arpege pour Femme is a striking example of the classic perfume that successfully complements the retro images. The rich composition contains alternating notes of vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, floral bouquet, bergamot. They are selected taking into account the combinability of the components. Such a smell gives vivacity and arouses interest in men.

Advantages: o It is possible to choose a suitable volume; o Long-lasting effect; o Smells equally good when applied to different areas of the body; o Long-lasting scent; o Are both casual and festive.

Disadvantages: o Not detected. Available in 7.5, 8, 10, 30, and 100 ml bottles at varying costs. If you choose a larger volume, it will be cheaper. Kenzo L`Eau Intense Pour Femme Perfume “Kenzo L`Eau Intense Pour Femme” can be recognized as a good option for a gift. A beautiful bottle hides a firework of 4 bright notes – lily, peony, patchouli and red apple. They are designed for spring-summer, but can adorn girls in winter and spring as well. Due to its sweet, not sugary smell with light, pleasant acidity, it can be used in different ways during the day and in the evening.

Kenzo L`Eau Intense reveals floral and fruity notes immediately after the application on the skin. The persistence of the product is good, on average, it lasts for 5-6 hours. The train is here, bright, stretching after a woman for a few dozen meters. It “sounds” interesting on girls, and gives adults freshness, youth, vivacity and harmony in the image. Advantages: o Convenience of packaging; o The aesthetics of the bottle; o Available in 30, 50 and 100 ml; o The year of release – 2015; o Complete perfume composition; o Memorable fragrance. Disadvantages: o The cost is not low. Even with frequent use Kenzo L`Eau Intense does not give you a headache and does not want to sneeze, but because of the pungent fragrance these perfumes for women are better to apply in small quantities.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Edition Bal d’Or

The perfume can be easily recognized in the crowd, as it has an original fragrance, which has been refined several times by the creators. The top notes are traditionally the first to open and perfume for a few minutes, delighting the sense of smell of others with the soft scent of tea leaves, cranberries and lemon. It is combined with a base of patchouli and wood, and then merges with jasmine, water lily and white peony. The composition is successfully completed, the chord is placed in the right place. All used notes are stated by the manufacturer in the pyramid, there is nothing unnecessary here. They sound different every time, which gives the product uniqueness and the woman who chooses it – originality and scope for creating images. A long loop pleases at all stages of the disclosure. Advantages: o Easy to perceive; o Pleasantly intoxicating; o Uplifting for women; o Feeling of others; o Versatile in application; o Can be used by girls from the age of 20. Disadvantages: o Not detected. According to women’s reviews, the perfume “Givenchy Ange ou Demon le Secret” for summer is too warm, and for winter – “fun”, but a girl will smell great in spring and autumn.

Novaya Zarya Fleur Magique

The composition starts to make itself known with a fruity sweetness, pleasant to the nose. Base notes play juicy pear, spicy pink pepper, sweet citrus bergamot and tart red currant. The “heart” or middle notes give off floral motifs with a pronounced character. The middle notes appear with delicate peony, inviting jasmine, soothing damask rose. Such symbiosis arouses interest in others and brings joy to the woman herself. The fragrance remains at its peak for a long time, weathered smoothly and imperceptibly. It can be used both during the day and in the evening. Advantages: o Positive effect on emotions; o Versatility of purpose; o Slim comfortable bottle; o Not irritating to the skin when applied frequently; o No need to rub the body hard after spraying. Disadvantages: o Not detected. The perfume belongs to the floral family and is best suited for confident women. How to choose a perfume for women For winter we need a warming, pronounced fragrance. Summertime brings a calmer, cooler scent. Autumn and winter need something neutral. On weekdays it is unacceptable to use harsh notes, which are designed for the evening and various holidays. Top notes These are the initial or starting (head) notes, with which the entire composition begins. This is the first thing that a woman smells when she smells the fragrance. Usually they are light, fruity and floral, they are fresh and evaporate quickly. The most common among them are citrus, lavender, bergamot, sage, tarragon, thyme and rosemary. Middle notes. Otherwise known as “heart” or central notes. This is because these notes are in the middle of the fragrance, which is built around them. In most cases, between the top and the base notes lies something neutral, non-irritating to the sense of smell and with a soft effect. Jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, geranium, neroli and verbena are often mentioned. Base notes It is the finishing chord in the whole pyramid. The base notes do not emerge until the evaporation of the top notes. They are the heaviest because they are meant to stay on your clothes, hair and skin. That is why we add here long-lasting and memorable nutty or woody aromas. Such scents may be: vanilla, musk, oak moss, cibet, cedar. What perfume for women is better To avoid headaches after the perfume application, you should choose products with a smooth transition from the top notes to the middle, and then to the base. It is important to choose the absence of overly active substances in the composition, causing allergies. For example, it often manifests itself on citrus fruits – lemon, mandarin, orange, etc. Before choosing a particular variant, it is worth taking into account a woman’s preferences regarding the strength, duration of exposure and safety of the fragrance, as well as seasonality: o Those who want to be original, it is recommended to pay attention to the plume perfume for women “New Zarya Patchouli d’Or” with an unusual scent. o In winter in any month will be relevant warming perfume “Lacoste Pour Femme”, which is resistant to weathering and maintains its intensity under the influence of snow. o The romantic floral and fruity Kenzo L`Eau Intense notes will be the best way to complete your evening look. o Fans of products with a long plume that makes men enjoy reacting to it, should take a closer look at Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Edition Bal d’Or. o To make a woman more attractive in the eyes of men will help perfume “Sexy Life # 37” with pheromones. o Those who want to become more seductive, it is recommended to choose the delicate perfume “Pherolab Pink Private” with a mild effect. o Those who like cool notes that emphasize the serious nature of a girl can buy Desire Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger. o Of the classic options, suitable for classic and retro images, it is necessary to highlight the premium product “Chanel No. 5” and “Lanvin Arpege pour Femme”. o If you want something in between spicy and sweet, it will not be a mistake to buy Dilis Parfum Classic Collection #1. o As a gift, you can safely choose the premium perfume “Miss Dior Original” in a beautiful, aesthetic package. o Fruity sweetness gives off the composition “New Dawn Fleur Magique”, which successfully fits into both everyday and festive images. Of course, it is simply impossible to single out any one perfume, because each product from the rating deserves close attention, depending on your own preferences. The main thing, deciding what perfume for women to buy, consider the time of year, the occasion, the chosen image and your own taste.