Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Mom

Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Mom

Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Mom

Each of us is happy to congratulate her mommy with this beautiful, warm and wonderful holiday.
Flowers – it’s an integral part of our lives and very often we associate flowers with different women and of course with our mothers, they are all very different, like flowers, but also beautiful and unique…..

In your choice of 11 beautiful and unique fragrances

Musk – the secret of attractiveness!

Mother is for each of us the ideal not only of kindness, but also of incredible beauty. Fragrance with a note of musk will emphasize her attractiveness and delicate, very special sensuality. You will find all this in ATTRACTION fragrance.

Peony is a sign of elegance!

Mom is the main person in the life of each of us. Her love knows no boundaries. She is gentle, caring and very elegant. Together with a bouquet of flowers, give a gift to your mom where peony sounds so sweet and noble. Choose LITTLE BLACK DRESS fragrance.

Peony is an object of love!!!

In most countries Mom is a symbol of warmth, love, life. It is mom who teaches us to be considerate and sensitive to others, to take care of friends and loved ones. Fragrance with spicy powdery peony chord is a way to thank your mother for teaching you how to love life. AVON CHERISH fragrance is to your attention.

Rose is a chord of femininity.

When you hear the word MAMA, what feelings arise in your heart? Tenderness… Love… Warmth… Femininity… AVON PRIMA fragrance with soft Provence rose tells about the power of your feelings when words are not enough.
Rose – a symphony of luxury! Give your mom a special and original gift for the holidays. And the main gift is our love and attention! And if you complete the bouquet of flowers with a fragrance that has a note of rose – it will stir her heart from the first sound. Give your mom a gift of LITTLE RED DRESS fragrance.

Mimosa is holiday energy!!!

Mom’s Day is a warm and sunny holiday that is dedicated to the dearest and closest person. Be sure to take the opportunity to express your feelings once again and give your mom a feeling of celebration with VIVA LA VITA fragrance.

Mimosa is a shining beauty!!!

Mom is our source of inspiration and happiness! The power of her inner light and energy warms even
On frowny days. Give your mom a special gift – a fragrance with a note of golden mimosa INCANDESSENCE.

Freesia is a note of care!!

Thank your mom for her warmth and inspiration. Refreshing fragrance with freesia – PERCEIVE DEW is the perfect gift for mom, whose smile is a feeling of joy and happiness.
Freesia is the secret of freshness!!! Mommy’s love is the most precious and deep feeling. Give mom a fragrance from a floral bouquet which creates a warm atmosphere where only the best memories live – PERCEIVE fragrance.

Magnolia – the magic of light!!!

Caring and loving … Mom is a symbol of feminine warmth and femininity. She fills every day with sunshine and her care. Fragrance with a thrilling note of magnolia has a special energy and is the best gift for mom – INCANDESSENCE GLOW fragrance.
Magnolia is the standard of perfection!!! Remind your mom how much you love her. A fragrance with exquisite magnolia flowers in its heart will be the perfect confirmation of her feminine beauty and tenderness – AVON FEMME fragrance.