Dutch Perfumes | Perfumery of the Netherlands

Dutch Perfumes | Perfumery of the Netherlands

For many, Dutch perfumery is a kind of “white spot” on the map of the world perfumery. And it is in the Netherlands that such world famous brands as Mexx and Viktor & Rolf perfumes are produced.


It should be said right away that until recently, perfumery was not developed in the Netherlands. And only at the end of the last century, the Dutch perfume began to gradually conquer perfumery Olympus. Perfumers from the Netherlands have set a goal to create exclusive, shocking flavors, radically different from the usual world bestsellers. That’s why, as a rule, the Dutch fragrances are characterized by the originality of compositions, but most importantly they all smell natural and without any kinks. Special attention is paid to the fragrance ingredients: combinations of classic notes with the most exciting essences of our time. So if you want to surprise and pamper yourself with an unusual sound, we recommend to have a look at the Dutch perfumes.

Most of the Dutch brands give the main role in the creation of perfumes to floral notes:
– ylang-ylang;
– rose;
– jasmine;
– vetiver,
– begonia.
The perfume can be shaded by amber, spicy or woody notes, which create an aura of success, sophistication and mysticism around the owners.



The dynamic top note of the fruity and floral composition combines the juiciness of watermelon and the acidity of red currant. The heart note strikes with a delicate floral trio of rose, lilac and stephanotis. The noble fragrance of the final note is given by cedar, sandalwood and musk.
Light and airy perfume from the first accords takes you to the carefree world where summer, sun and love always reign. Refreshing fragrance is perfect to wear in spring and summer. It fills with positive emotions and gives a feeling of happiness.


The novelty from the Dutch brand Viktor & Rolf was released in 2018 and immediately won women’s hearts.
The fragrance reveals its sounding with an amazing tandem – bergamot and black currant leaves. Well, gunpowder emphasizes the depth of the perfume and gives it brightness. The heart note enchants with the tenderness of jasmine, orange and osmanthus. Sensual elegance perfume gives the final note, woven from patchouli, vanilla and tonka bean.
Buy Dutch perfume “Flowerbomb Nectar” should be for everyone who is tired of gray everyday life and endless worries. The scent gives its owner a feeling of comfort and coziness, a happy childhood filled with only sunny days.


Nasomatto is a unisex fragrance with strong energy, which opens the concealed side of its owner.
The opening note of the composition combines intoxicating hemp and refreshing green notes. An exhilarating heart note is woven of tobacco, coffee, wood and resin. The tart end note creates an intoxicating trail of agar and frankincense.
The composition is named after a narcotic. This eccentric perfume has a hypnotic and alluring scent that’s simply unforgettable.
All of these fragrances you’ll find in our store in the form of spirits on draft. Buy, try and experiment 🙂