How to Choose a Men’s Perfume

How to Choose a Men’s Perfume

How to Choose a Men’s Perfume

Finding the perfect perfume for yourself or as a gift for another man – a serious task, but doable. We suggest you choose the right perfume for yourself or for another man and you’ll never have any trouble finding the right perfume for yourself.

How to choose a men’s perfume: a necessary theory

To begin with, it’s worth deciding what exactly you’re looking for, because all fragrances have a different concentration of fragrant substances in their composition.

Men’s perfume is the most intense and persistent fragrance. The concentration of fragrances in the perfume -30-35%, so the smell is felt for up to 6 hours on the skin and even longer on clothing.
Perfume is applied a little and is more suitable for evening out. Do not mix them with other smells, such as perfumed soaps. And if you want to use simultaneously perfumes and fragrances, choose products from the same series, then their scents will complement each other.

Perfumed water (EDP) contains 13-20% of fragrant ingredients, lasts about 4 hours and can be used during the day. The range includes both expensive exclusive bottles, as well as more democratic in cost copies.

The fragrance of Christian Dior Sauvage EDP 60 ml combines the freshness of green bergamot, frankincense, lavender, spices and nutmeg, hot Chinese pepper and star anise. Classic woody hints of ambroxan along with sweet white vanilla are responsible for the long and recognizable trail

The eau de toilette (EDT) has 3-13% fragrant components diluted with 87-96% alcohol. This scent is an option for all occasions, it accompanies a person for 2-3 hours, and after it becomes muted and unobtrusive.
Cologne (EDC) contains 3-5% essential extracts, so it has a light scent that lasts less than an hour.
And, by the way, the composition of a branded Eau de Cologne and familiar from childhood cologne, bought at any nearby subway store are radically different.

Deodorant (DEO parfum) has long been an independent and quite self-sufficient type of perfumery. It contains 3-5% of aromatic substances and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness.
Unlike antiperspirants which contain anti-bacterial additives that kill microorganisms, perfumes do not kill bacteria.
TESTER is a demo version of the fragrance. It may be sold in a technical package, without a cap, but the composition and scent are fully consistent with the original. Usually a tester costs less than the full version of the fragrance and gives you the opportunity to “wear” it for yourself.

The tester of men’s eau de toilette VERSACE Pour Homme EDT tester 100 ml has an austere and yet light citrus fragrance without any unnecessary ingredients. The opening note starts with essential oils of bergamot and neroli, followed by bitter orange leaf and lemon peel, then the floral fragrances of red geranium and blue hyacinth open.

The miniatures (mini) of 4-5 ml. and a 1-3 ml. sample help choose a new fragrance. These small bottles are inexpensive, and if the scent is not to your liking at once or will cease to please after a while, you can safely buy something else and not to worry about a failed purchase.

The creators of perfumes with pheromones attribute them special properties and claim that the fragrance will help to attract the opposite sex. This kind of perfume has a very strong smell, but it has a relatively short shelf life, because it contains no alcohol, and it has a small radius of action.

The perfume-smoke after spraying on your skin or hair envelops you with a gentle and delicate fragrance. The aromatic substances in the smoke are 1-2%, and the alcohol may not be present at all – this is ideal for summer. Many smokes contain ingredients that moisturize your skin and take care of your hair.

Bottle volume

If you plan to use a fragrance on a daily basis, pick a bottle size of 50 ml or more.
A small bottle with an expensive perfume is perfect for rare and special occasions.
A good format: at least 4 bottles with different scents. A separate scent is needed for every time of year, work, leisure and romantic meetings.
The original solution for a couple is a perfume in “unisex” style that both can use.
The symbol of Carolina Herrera Bad Boy EDT 50 ml eau de toilette for men is a lightning bolt. It is associated with heroism and strength, characterizing the unpredictable, extraordinary and attractive men. Bad Boy fragrance strikes the imagination as quickly and accurately as the lightning. In the perfumery composition of intense energetic notes, the fragrance is warm and sweet.

Fragrance unfolding

A fragrance unfolds gradually, in three stages. The initial note is felt in the first minutes, the middle note, often floral, for about 2-4 hours, and the final base note is felt in the final stage of evaporation of the fragrance and is responsible for its stability.
The ideal way to test whether a fragrance suits you is to put it on your skin, walk around for about a day, listen to your friends and your lady friend’s opinion about your compatibility with it, and understand your own sensations-no headaches, nausea, etc.

An interesting fact: women and men perceive odors differently – the fairer sex often has a thinner sense of smell. Therefore, men’s perfumes are usually concentrated and saturated.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero EDP 30 ml men’s perfume has a woody fragrance, which well echoes the theme of lemon and black pepper. Vetiver, ambergris and leather chord are responsible for the nobility and sensuality. The creators were inspired by the personality and works of French street artist Jules Detais, known by his pseudonym L’Atlas. He also became the face of the fragrance and advertising campaign.

Fragrance families

There are no sweet accents, obvious floral or berry notes in men’s fragrances. More often than not, the composition is built around marine, woody and herbaceous scents.
The main families of men’s perfumes:
– Oriental – woody and floral scents, aromas of amber, vanilla, musk and various spices;
– Fougère, woody – it is not only the smell of trees, but also everything associated with the forest – patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, moss, vetiver;
Herbaceous – fresh and lighter than woody – the smell of grass clippings, lavender, thyme, rosemary and mint;
– floral-smells of rose, rose water, lily, ylang-ylang and other plants;
– citrus – aromas of neroli, orange, grapefruit in the initial and middle notes, bergamot in the base;
– Fruity – aromas of all fruits except citrus;
Oceanic – these scents include rain, surf and breeze.
Once you have found your scent, you can use it all the time throughout the year.
But if you want to choose a specific scent for the season, remember that heavy oriental and woody scents are good in the cold season and floral, fresh and citrus scents are spring-summer favorites.
GUCCI Guilty EDT tester 90 ml smells of woody and citrus notes. Calabrian bergamot is combined with rosemary and juniper, and the “heart” of Spanish cypress is intertwined with heliotropin and violet notes. The trail features noble woody notes of patchouli, cedar and white musk.

Useful tips for choosing

You should choose perfume in the morning, when your sense of smell is not overloaded and your brain can easily distinguish between scents.
Choosing the fragrance, don’t get carried away with the amount – after 3-5 samples a clear perception of the smell is lost.
Don’t judge a scent from a bottle, but apply it to your skin-its special chemical composition will affect the scent as well. Beware of the pungent smell of alcohol-it’s a sign of counterfeiting.
Do not rub the drops so that the fragrance is revealed faster-the alcohol must evaporate naturally, and the smell must “sit” on your skin. This way you will be able to distinguish all its notes. This will take at least 20 minutes, so an impulsive purchase of a fragrance expensive or on a trip can be a bad decision.
Beautiful perfumes are always sold in a quality glass bottle, the color of which suggests the direction of the fragrance. Dark and gold colored bottles hold oriental and spicy perfumes, while blue bottles hold light and fresh scents.
You can’t argue with the quality of the originals of famous brands, but not the fact that a well-known fragrance will suit you. Look for your favorite scent, even if its manufacturer will not be as popular.
The men’s Dolce & Gabbana Light blue Living Stromboli EDT 75 ml laconic fragrance, appropriate for all life situations. Woody notes are successfully complemented by fragrant floral and citrus notes, chords of pink pepper and fresh water tones.

High-quality branded perfume can not go cheap, budget sample brand fragrance is likely to be fake. Therefore, before buying carefully study the design of the packaging on the manufacturer’s official website – color, size, inscriptions, and trust only trusted outlets.