Is It Possible to Give Perfume: Pros and Cons

Is It Possible to Give Perfume: Pros and Cons

Is It Possible to Give Perfume: Pros and Cons

Gift ideas are always a topical issue that excites the minds of both men and women. After all, the dearest person wants to give something special and non-trivial, but at the same time practical. And under this category of gifts perfectly falls perfume, because a beautiful bottle will always make a good impression, and the contents will certainly be useful in use. However, more than a decade around a lot of controversy. And perfume as a gift, then approve, then slide to the taboo. Therefore, before you buy a perfume as a gift, it is worth a little more in-depth on the subject.


When a girl wants to make a gift to the stronger sex, then in the list of possible gifts will be a perfume. After all, a well-scented man is always stylish. However, trying to find a suitable option, you may face the question, is it possible to give the guy perfume? And at once there will be good reasons why we should reject this idea. According to the rules of etiquette, perfume is considered a secret gift, why it will not be to everyone’s liking. But now it is safe to say that this is a relic of the past! If you want to please your husband, groom or boyfriend with a new bottle, then based on his preferences and tastes, feel free to choose the fragrance.

Each person has a fragrance that best matches their personality, so you need to think carefully about character, style and preferences. Pay attention and think well about the details, about the man himself – this will help in the choice.
In other cases to give a man the perfume is not approved. Such a nice gift should not be presented to a colleague, friend and in no case the boss, as a bottle of fragrance in a situation too personal and such a gift can be just a little out of place.


As for the answer to the question, you can give perfume on your birthday or not, here you need to observe certain rules, among which:
– When choosing a perfume, be guided by the taste preferences of the person you gifted;
– Take into account the time of year when you want to give a gift to the betrayer, because there are winter and summer flavors;
– It is best to buy a perfume about which you might have heard from the birthday boy, for example, he praised you some novelty and said he would like to try, etc;
– You do not need to buy a perfume with a strong, sweet, tart smell if you are not sure that the giftee is a fan;
– It is necessary to consider possible allergic reactions to a particular fragrance, so if you know that the birthday boy has certain problems with this, it is better to refrain from such a surprise or give preference to a special hypoallergenic perfume. Also such fragrances are ideal for children.


Almost any girl loves all these cosmetic things. Lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, powders, creams, lip glosses of all this does not happen a lot. So the question of whether you can give perfume to your girlfriend is not so difficult, because each new bottle of perfume will never be superfluous. But still, when choosing this present must also take into account the preferences of the gifted person, subtly catch her signs and desires. After all, maybe she dreams about some cherished fragrance and you, listening to her, you can make her happy with an unexpected surprise. But, if your girlfriend is not a perfume expert, but also wants to smell good, you can give her the following win-win options that will be appropriate in any image.
Amazing perfume “Scandal” by Jean Paul Gaultier – a daring surprise for daring, bold, open to new adventures girls. Presenting the extravagant bottle to a girl, you can surprise her from the first notes, because the stunning sound of red orange and gardenia leaves no one indifferent. And sweet honey and attractive patchouli will fix the wow effect.

Another delightful fragrance that can win the heart of girls is “Nomade” by Chloe. It perfectly suits elegant, feminine women who are true to themselves and do not want to be like the others. Amazing composition, filled with sensuality of freesia and sweetness of plum.

A new interpretation of the classic fragrance Coco Mademoiselle Intense by Chanel is really the perfume that every bright, stylish girl would like to have in her closet. An exceptional deep composition of citrus notes, floral chords and spicy shades fill the image with a new unforgettable sound.

Give perfume, of course, you can, the most important thing is that the gift was from the heart and not just for show. And you just need to make some effort, which will then become a pleasant sensation, seeing as someone is sincerely happy with your gift!