Perfume for Men: What to Choose

Perfume for Men: What to Choose

Perfume for Men: What to Choose

Scent – it’s a second clothes for a man. Often it can learn a lot about the interlocutor before the start of the conversation, because the nature of the toilet water almost always coincides with the inner world of its owner. It plays an important role in the relationship between the sexes. Many girls fall in love with the fragrance coming from the representatives of the stronger half of mankind. This feeling is familiar to many girls: when that “prince” passes by and leaves behind a tart trail, something extraordinary and magical happens inside! Therefore, it is important to approach the purchase of cologne with responsibility. In this material, we will talk about how to choose perfume for men: what perfume is best and what you need to pay attention to. No matter whether you are buying them for yourself or want to intelligently pick up a gift, our tips are suitable for all.

Tips and tricks

To begin with, it is fair to talk about how to “wear” the contents of the bottle. The effect of eau de toilette directly depends on how it is used. It would seem that it could be easier than to make a couple of clicks at the atomizer? But no!

So, here are a few tips:

  • – Perfume on a clean body. After a shower, ideal. But, of course, not on wet skin. First, so the fragrance will not mix with the smell of sweat, and secondly, it will “lay” better and last longer.
  • – Avoid mixing different scents. This is one of the most important answers to the question, “How do I choose a fragrance for a man?” Let shaving foam, water gel, deodorant and shampoo smell neutral or the same. That way you’ll be wearing a trail of perfume, not something off-putting.
  • – The neck, collarbones, wrists, back of the knees and elbows and other places with thin skin are best suited for the application of perfume. They contribute to the best heating and as a consequence, evaporation of the liquid.
  • – All things need a measure! A light pleasant fragrance is a great decoration, while a strong and suffocating can severely spoil the whole image.

How to choose a men’s perfume

There are several factors to consider when choosing a cologne.

1. Character. As mentioned above, eau de toilette to some extent is a reflection of the inner world of the man. That is why it is important that it combines not only with the external, but also with the spiritual image. In order to select the most appropriate variant, read the description of the perfume. In most cases, it says a lot!
2. Brand identity. If a guy comes to love luxury items or prefers a particular brand, then you should pay attention to products released by famous fashion houses. Lacoste, Versace, Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Chanel and so on.
Individual preferences. Generally, here everything is very simple. Buy what your chosen one likes! It is good if you know exactly which smells he likes. At least in general: woody, marine, citrus …. If not, then you have to use your sense of smell as much as possible and try to recognize what he usually smells.
3. Your likes. This point applies to girls who choose a gift for a partner. Remember that the contents of the bottle will have to be smelled by you, too! So look for something that will please both you and him.
4. Age. It is logical that young guys will do something light, and older people need a heavier composition.

How to choose eau de toilette for men: the top fragrances
From descriptions, let’s move on to business! Below are the most popular products of the perfume industry.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio.

A cologne whose history began more than 20 years ago, in 1996. Giorgio Armani, the founder of the fashion house named after himself, vacationed on the island of Pantelleria in the Straits of Tunis. He often went there and always seemed to fall in love with the place all over again. One day of his vacation he had an idea to put sea air in a bottle in order to precisely convey all the wonders of his favorite resort. After some time, perfumer Alberto Morillas made the dream a reality. The novelty created a real furore among customers! Till that moment no one could so precisely convey the sound of the surf, the remnants of salt on the skin, the blinding sun and the pulsating humid air. In “Acqua Di Gio” for the first time was used such component as iodine: it gave the flavor the main highlight.

The pyramid of the composition consists of oceanic notes, citrus, cyclamen, neroli, violet, nutmeg and others. This is an eau de toilette with medium staying power and trails. It is perfect for a person whose character combines balance and depth with passion and fire.

Bleu De Chanel

Many men find it difficult to choose a men’s perfume: which scent suits a young man, and which will lie as a dead weight in the nightstand, you’ll never know until the very last moment! In such cases, it is better to focus on popular brands. They target a large audience, and therefore their products appeal to many people. These words exactly apply to Bleu De Chanel. Perfumer Jacques Polger created a classic and very sexy eau de toilette for the true representatives of the stronger half of the planet. Frank, clear and strict smell. Nothing unnecessary!

In this fragrance you can feel grapefruit notes, frankincense, ginger oils, mint, nutmeg, labdanum blossom and sandalwood. Pink pepper, jasmine essence, patchouli, white cedar and vetiver mingle with them. On the body it lasts from seven to twelve hours, leaving behind a trail of up to two meters. Not sure which men’s eau de toilette to choose? Pay attention to “Blue”. In addition, this product from Chanel is versatile: it sounds great in summer, winter, spring and autumn. It can be worn both every day and at festive events.

Kouros Yves Saint Laurent.

Cologne from YSL is the anthem of men’s strength and muscular body, enclosed in one bottle. Even the name says it all: in ancient Greece Kouros was called statue of naked athletes. This product appeared on the market at the peak of the popularity of bodybuilding. At that time, it was hard to find a person whose room did not have a poster of Schwarzenegger hanging in it. At this time there was a need for a powerful and brutal fragrance. So, in 1981, perfumer Pierre Bordeaux created it. A lot of time has passed since then, but Kouros has retained its relevance: it is often bought for yourself or as perfume for your husband. Narcissistic, powerful, attractive and sexy perfume will suit those who are ready to be in the spotlight.

Opening notes: aldehydes, artemisia, bergamot, sage, coriander. The heart: clove, patchouli, geranium, jasmine and iris essences are mixed with cinnamon and vetiver. The base consists of honey, leather, vanilla, oak, amber and musk accords. It is a very persistent scent that will fill the entire room. It will stay on your skin for a very long time and during this time you will not get tired of it, but on the contrary, it will open your eyes from different sides.

Polo Ralph Lauren.

This wood chypre eau de toilette for the genuine intellectuals. This is a brutal, serious, mature and respectable perfume. Still think what fragrance to choose a man over the age of 35? We suggest you put your wholehearted trust in the classics. “Polo” was released in 1978 and over the years has absorbed all the strength and wisdom of generations.

The composition is made up of many different notes. Some of them: pine needles, tobacco essence, leather, juniper berries, cumin oils, oak moss. They all blend together to create a very interesting tiered symphony. The perfume shows itself well in any season. It has a distinguished trail and good durability index.

Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier

The bottle in the form of a mannequin boldly declares and even warns from the very beginning: it will become not just an accessory, but a full-fledged clothing! It is a very beautiful and provocative fragrance. It will perfectly “lay” on the skin of a real male. The fresh smell will remind (and complement) the rock and roll youth, will make you put on a leather jacket and tie a bandana.

How to choose a cologne for a man? Be sure to pay attention to its composition. In the composition of “Le Male”, the first notes you will hear are artemisia, bergamot, lavender, mint and cardamom. Orange, cinnamon and cumin chords unfold next. White cedar, tonka bean, ambergris, vanilla essence and sandalwood strike the final note. Persistent and moderately diffusing.

Ambré Baldessarini.

Warm, expensive and deep eau de toilette. It will make you feel lightly thoughtful, relaxed and transported to a cozy bar with high-end alcohol. It’s best to apply a couple of drops from the amber bottle before going to some festive event, reception or a friendly party. This is not an everyday product: in the workplace Ambré will be intoxicating and very dispersing. You’re unlikely to get together while in the aura of languid gatherings with a full glass.

The choice of men’s perfume is always based directly on the composition. The opening notes of this eau de toilette are made up of red apple and tangerine extracts. At the next level of the pyramid is a contrasting mix of leather and violet essence. Labdanum, vanilla, oak, ambergris are the final chords.

The One for Men Dolce&Gabbana.

A bit of a classic. Almost all Dolce Gabbana products are distinguished by their quality and status. This is confirmed if only by the fact that Hollywood legend Matthew McConaughey was invited to promote the novelty. Luxurious from the cap to the background notes – that’s how everyone sees this perfume.

Thinking about how to choose the right men’s perfume? Pay attention to the composition. The composition’s pyramid captivates and enchants with its diversity. Coriander, grapefruit, tobacco, basil, cardamom, cedar, amber and ginger are intertwined, creating a sexy and brutal smell. The cologne has a pretty good staying power and trail. Ideal for winter and autumn.

Fahrenheit Christian Dior.

Fiery, passionate and time-tested perfume. It remains on trend after decades. Rest assured, in a couple of decades you will still be able to find it on the shelves. Symphony of fragrance is very voluminous! It consists of leather, woody, musk and floral chords. Leather is the brightest among them. The perfume sounds different in spring, winter, summer and autumn. Therefore, it is worth testing them in different seasons and observe the kaleidoscope of notes.