Pineapple Perfume | Pineapple Note in Perfumery

Pineapple Perfume | Pineapple Note in Perfumery

Pineapple Perfume | Pineapple Note in Perfumery

This tropical fruit has been used in perfumery quite recently. With the help of pineapple perfumers tend to emphasize the juiciness, richness and purity of the perfume.


The natural fragrance of pineapple is characterized by a subtle fruity sweetness and freshness. Due to this feature, the pineapple can be found in perfumes that are completely different from each other, from long-lasting oriental compositions to fresh perfumes. And yet most often the tropical fruit is found in sweet, fruity and floral perfumes.
Pineapple-scented perfumes sound best in spring and summer, especially in hot weather. They are light and have a refreshing effect, so the perfume can be worn daily, for any event.



This impertinent and versatile fruity floral composition was launched in 2005.
The freshness of the initial notes is revealed by the aroma of pineapple, mango, apple and black currant. The delicate heart notes are woven of peony and freesia. Luxurious trail is formed by the notes of musk and sandalwood.
Elegant perfume “Incanto Dream” is chosen by confident girls. They go through life easily, they do not notice the problems, they are optimistic and see the world in bright colors.

Incanto Dream Perfume


Another fruity and floral drop of madness from Salvatore Ferragamo was released in 2007. Chic, glitter, lightness and luxury are woven into the perfume “Incanto Shine”.
Expressive opening notes envelope with the sweetness of pineapple and passion fruit. The romantic heart note strikes with the tenderness of peach and freesia. Cedar and ambergris form the incendiary final note.
Fashionable composition was created for energetic girls who know how to use their strengths in the fight for a man’s attention. The scent gives its owner an aura of seductiveness and mystique, and brings only rainbow emotions into life.


Pineapple perfume by Lacoste is a guarantee of a perfect day.
The opening note combines raspberry, mandarin and pineapple. The sublime heart note reveals iris, jasmine and rose. The heady end note is striking with shades of sandalwood, ambergris and coconut.
Perfumers admit that perfume “L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural” is designed to reflect the purity and purity of the inner world of a young, romantic girl. She is fun, responsive, playful, not afraid of obstacles and always ready for new discoveries.


The creators of “Rockin Rio” perfume drew inspiration from the fiery Brazilian carnivals. Vivid motifs are reflected not only in the fragrance, but also in the design of the bottle.
The fragrance starts with the explosive notes of papaya, mandarin and pineapple. The heart note reveals the sweetness of peach and sugar cane. An exotic trail envelops with touches of coconut, sandalwood and musk.
Imagine leaving your home and entering a carnival! Such a sense of festivity, lightness and freedom gives the fragrance from Escada. From the very first breath of the fragrance you are mentally transported to the atmosphere of daring dances, summer, heat, sand and fresh sea waves.


“To live in pleasure.” – is the motto of the perfume “Sunset Heat”.
The exotic symphony of the composition begins with mango, papaya, pineapple and lemon. Then sweet watermelon and peach, flavored with delicate lotus come into play. The melody ends with the playfulness of sandalwood, hibiscus and ambergris.
Each drop of the fragrance captures all the charms of summer: warm sunshine, long hours of tenderness, the coolness of the sea breeze and languid evenings at the beach. Sunset Heat” perfume replaces the gray days with bright impressions and heady emotions.