Top 7 Perfumes for 40 Year Old Women

Top 7 Perfumes for 40 Year Old Women

Top 7 Perfumes for 40 Year Old Women

Fragrances that create a woman’s aura need special attention. Each age has its own preferences and associations with the smell. And the older a woman is, the more carefully she should choose a perfume. A woman in 40 years already has its well-established values of life, developed taste and a sense of beauty. In her life there is no place for extremes and adolescent maximalism – this statement is also true for perfumes. It is believed that the perfume for women 40 years should always be spicy, chypre, with a lingering scent, they are more dense and powdery, but there is a place for fresh, airy scents. The rating presents the seven best age perfumes, which can emphasize the status and beauty of the soul of a mature lady.

– J’adore, Dior
– Premier Jour, Nina Ricci
– Euphoria, Calvin Klein.
– Poison, Dior
– Elige, Mary Kay
– Very Irresistible Rose Damascena, Givenchy
– Magie Noire, Lancome.

J’adore, Dior

What perfume is primarily associated with the concept of “true French perfume”? It is the legendary J’adore from the Christian Dior fashion house. The composition of the perfume was developed with a glance to the modern emancipated woman – fragile, gentle, touching, but at the same time bold, free and decisive.
A floral and fruity bouquet was chosen as the base of the composition. Citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin refresh the initial sound of sweet melon, pear and juicy peach. Fruity notes are echoed by the powdery velvety aromas of Indian magnolia, Toulouse violet, Mexican tuberose and African orchid. The final note is fragrant with delicate freesia that wafts into a rich trail of Texas cedar, the tart sweetness of sandalwood and blackberry musk.
This fragrance of adoration, femininity and freedom is particularly full disclosed in early spring and deep autumn. The perfume is unobtrusive, powdery, moderately fragrant. It is so self-sufficient that it doesn’t require complex images – discreet daytime makeup and classic style clothes will look with it organically.
Designers worked on the bottle, staking on the gold. The amphora, reminiscent of a woman’s silhouette, turns into a narrow neck. Gold rings and milky white glass ball crown it.
Rating:5 /5
Start note: Bergamot, Pear, Melon, Peach.
Heart note: Lily of the valley, Rose, Violet, Freesia.
End note: Vanilla, Cedar, Musk, Sandal.

Premier Jour, Nina Ricci.

The fragrance became the carrier of the new concept of Nina Ricci’s trading house, as evidenced by the name of the perfume – “The First Day”. It is a new take on the beauty of a woman’s body, sexuality and naturalness. The passionate and sensual fragrance invites you to plunge into the unknown, to experience new emotions, to move mentally to luxurious orchards, warmed by the warm southern sun and filled with the fragrance of flowers.
The composition of the fragrance is presented by the gentle shades of the top notes – the fresh sound of sour mandarin, green sweet peas, which smoothly pass into the heart notes. Sweetish-tart gardenia and bitter orchid play the magical colors here. The fragrance owes its beautiful and elegant trail to the presence of misty sandalwood, pure musk, luscious, cheerful vanilla and resinous woody notes.
The timid and delicate fragrance on the skin becomes even more sensual and sexual, iridescently enveloping with a cheerful veil. Perfume water is characterized by a medium level of persistence, complexity and trail. It is ideal for spring looks, but it will also be interesting to wear in early autumn.
The bottle of Premier Jour perfume is perhaps one of the most original in the perfumery. It consists of two vessels shifted on an axis and united by a common cap.
Rating: 5 /5
Start note: Mandarin, Sweet Pea.
Heart note: Gardenia, Orchid.
End note: Vanilla, Woody notes, Musk, Sandalwood.

Euphoria, Calvin Klein.

Several famous perfumers worked over the creation of the fragrance: Dominique Ropion, Carlos Benaim and Loc Dong. The result of their cooperation became a refined masterpiece, ingeniously balancing on the edge of a strong masculine aura and feminine sexuality.
Euphoria” perfume fully justifies its name – it fills with dizzying delight, sincere joy and endless happiness. Allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of freedom and love, encouraging romantic reverie.
The prelude of the composition starts with the chords of ripe pomegranate, tart Japanese apple and fresh herbs. Fruity freshness gradually dissolves in the flickering heart notes of lotus, black orchid and rosehip petals. The sound of the bouquet ends with a soft creamy trail with vibrating dry musk, ambergris, mahogany and black violets.
This winter perfume will be ideal for social events and going out to create delightful evening looks.
An interesting bottle in shape resembles a human eye, the vessel edges are very smooth and soft, it is crowned with a refined rectangular cap with a sprayer.
Rating: 5 /5
Start note: Pomegranate, Green notes, persimmon.
Heart note: Lotus, Champaca, Black orchid.
End note: Amber, mahogany, violet.

Poison, Dior

The bestselling fragrance that radiates oriental sweetness and mysterious sensuality. The owner of this perfume will not be lost in the crowd and the seductive honey trail will leave no man indifferent.
The multi-faceted and complex structure of the fragrance includes ripe plum, rosewood, forest berries, anise and coriander. The aromatic components of the “heart” notes sound chords of white honey, orange blossom, spicy cloves, gentle jasmine, incense, cinnamon and opoponax. The integrity of the composition gives woody notes of sandalwood, Virginia cedar, heliotrope, musk, vetiver and amber.
The perfume has a powerful intoxicating effect, it is interesting and individual, and captures the hearts of millions of its fans.
The perfume Poison is worth choosing as a perfect fragrance companion for a romantic date or a festive occasion. It is suitable for charismatic and confident women.
The fragrance is enclosed in a bottle of dark, almost black color, and the neck is decorated with a thin golden thread. The bottle is shaped like an apple, the biblical symbol of seduction.
Rating: 4.9 /5.
Start note: Sweet pepper, Star anise, Coriander, Wild berries, Rosewood, Plum, Raspberry extract.
Heart note: Orange blossom, Carnation, Cinnamon, Honey, Opopanax, Tuberose
End note: Amber, Vanilla, Vetiver, Heliotrope, Cedar, Musk, Sandalwood

Elige, Mary Kay

Perfume water from American brand Mary Kay is an oriental fragrance with over 100 ingredients.
It is the perfume of a mature woman showing bright character, energy, mystery and independence. It is a form of self-expression for women after 40, who want to emphasize their elegance, sophistication and unique style.
The “calling card” of the perfume are the top notes dominated by the aroma of peony, freesia and Amazon lily. After the application on the skin the middle notes of the composition – jasmine, ylang-ylang, camellia, Australian boron, tuberose, mirabelle and tangerine unfold. The lower trail of tonka bean, red pepper, sandalwood, ambergris and vanilla completes the impression of the perfume. They will accompany its owner for several hours.
This austere fragrance is suitable as an evening, festive perfume. It should be “put on” on special occasions and not used every day. The composition also combines well with business autumn and winter images.
The transparent glass bottle is made in a classic elegant style.
Rating: 4.9 /5
Start note: Wild cyclamen, lily, peony, freesia.
Heart note: Boronia, Jasmine, Camellia, Mandarin, Mirabelle, Tuberose.
End note: Amber, Vanilla, Redwood, Red Pepper, Sandalwood.

Very Irresistible Rose Damascena, Givenchy

The fragrance sings an ode to the beautiful and majestic rose from Damascus. It has become a symbol of love seduction and passion for women. It is a delicate and reverent cocktail, which includes floral and fruity notes. The main secret of its popularity is the stunning depth of fragrant shades, the complexity of combinations of notes and mystery of the bouquet.
The basis of the composition are rose petals, fruity, anise and verbena tones. Two types of roses – tea rose and damask rose – win the “heart” of the perfume. The floral sound of the bouquet is completed by a stable trail of patchouli and suede.
The fragrance lies organically on the shoulders, wrapping the image with fragrant shades of the rose kingdom. It is recommended for women who have crossed the 40-year mark, but still radiate youth, vigor and endless tenderness. Most of the owners perceive the perfume as a daytime autumnal fragrance, suitable for romantic meetings and work in the office.
The fragrance is packaged in a compact bottle of purple and pink. Miniature size of the vial allows it to fit easily into a purse so your favorite perfume can always be at hand.
Rating: 4.8 /5
Start note: Anise, Verbena, Fruity notes.
Heart note: Damask Rose, Tea Rose.
End note: Patchouli, Suede.

Magie Noire, Lancome

A selective fragrance developed by Gerard Goupy. According to the author, Magie Noire reflects the memories of carefree childhood and happy days.
The fragrance belongs to the Eastern chypre family and is perceived as heartfelt, intelligent and individual.
The basis of the fragrance is heavy silk, opening with the scents of mysterious cassia, magical bergamot, fresh herbs, with flecks of raspberry and hyacinth. After a while, the composition opens with the colors of Bulgarian rose, silver lily of the valley, delicate jasmine, ylang-ylang, fragrant honey. Musk, gray ambergris with cedar, oak moss and vetiver hints complete the bouquet.
Strong enveloping trail allows the fragrance to last all day. The perfume can be chosen as a basic evening or daytime fragrance for special occasions.
The bottle of the perfumed product appears in the form of a woman’s cleavage, dressed in an elegant black dress.
Rating: 4.8 /5
Start note: Bergamot, Bulgarian rose, Hyacinth, Ylang-ylang, Raspberry, Spices, Black currant.
Heart note: Halbanum, Jasmine, Cassia, Lily of the Valley, Honey, Myrtle, Narcissus, Rose, Tuberose, Fimiems, Zivetta.
End notes: Amber, Vetiver, Oak Moss, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood


These status rich perfumes will be a win-win option for forty year old women. Each of the presented fragrances is good in its own way and can boast a whole army of regular admirers. They don’t create the infantile, “youthful” images that are inappropriate for mature women. Their main purpose is to emphasize good taste, femininity, attractiveness and grooming of an experienced representative of the fair sex.