What Perfume to Give a Girl or Wife for Womens Day?

What Perfume to Give a Girl or Wife for Womens Day?

What Perfume to Give a Girl or Wife for Womens Day?

Giving perfumes on tap on International Women’s Day is already a tradition. No matter how sophisticated we are, no matter how original we are, but it is impossible to imagine March 8 without flowers and perfume. And is it really necessary? Let it not as a gift, all the same new perfume in your house be! Outside the window at last spring, and every self-respecting girl has a special, springtime fragrance. We advise how to choose them, and guide you through the prices.

The criteria for choosing women’s spring perfume

The main charm of spring is that you can finally throw off the heavy outerwear and dress up in light dresses and blouses. We suggest you do the same with perfume! Down with the thick, strong smells – long live lightweight and pouring spirits!

  • In spring and summer, preference should be given to fresh flavors with floral or fruity notes. Also go for floral and woody, floral and musk, water and citrus compositions. The main thing is not to make the perfume too sweet.
  • As a rule, the younger the girl, the easier the composition of the perfume should be. There are also fragrances that have no age restrictions.
  • Instead of perfume, you can safely give preference to perfume or toilet water.
  • Choosing a pouring perfume, do not forget about the bottle. Let it be made in delicate shades.
  • The spring fragrance should be a plume, otherwise it will simply be unnoticeable in wet weather.
  • The perfect spring perfume

In addition to the theory, which may seem too confusing for some, we have prepared a “cheat sheet” for every man! Here are the top 5 flavors from famous brands, one of which will surely please your wife or girlfriend.

No. 1 Versace – Bright Crystal.

Type of fragrance: floral.

The premiere of this fragrance was held back in 2006, and the demand for it hasn’t dropped for over 10 years! Isn’t it an indicator of girls’ great love and recognition?
In the fragrance there are fruity notes, peony and lotus – one of the favorite women’s fragrances, and it all has an icy chord. Bright Crystal can be freely called a perfume without age restrictions, it is equally good on a young girl and a lady of mature age.

If the mere mention of the Fashion House Versace makes you feel uncomfortable, you can exhale! The price of this exquisite bottle is quite decent, especially in the format of perfume or eau de toilette.

For 30ml you have to pay about 25 c.u.

No. 2 Lanvin – Marry Me

Fragrance type: fruity, floral.

Sweet, alluring, with a distinct note of jasmine – so you can describe this fragrance. Orange and peach extracts revive and lift your spirits. Lanvin perfumers complemented the fragrance with woody notes, musk and ambergris to avoid lusciousness and make it more obtrusive for woman’s boyfriend. The beloved wife, no doubt, will agree to marry you again, and the girl will be intrigued by the name of the perfume.

The cost of perfumed water – about 15 c.u. for 30 ml.

3 Salvatore Ferragamo – Incanto Shine

Fragrance type: floral and fruity.

If your beloved is a bright, seductive and expressive lady, this fragrance is sure to win her heart. Pineapple, passion fruit, and peach combine in the composition, and the trail opens up with amber and cedar notes – the perfect combination for a girl of 25 and up. Even the bottle looks festive and spring-like! Girls will mark the durability of the Italian eau de toilette and you will be pleased with the price – about 10 c.u. for a bottle of 30 ml.

No. 4 Kenzo – Leau par Kenzo

Fragrance type: aquatic, floral.

This classic by Kenzo is ideal for spring-summer period, walks in the fresh air, meetings with friends and romantic dates. Eau de toilette gives a feeling of lightness, purity and freshness, and jasmine, water lily and lilac flowers emphasize femininity and tenderness of a girl. Thanks to the unusual composition, Kenzo will suit a young girl of about 20 years old and a serious businesswoman after 35.

The cost of eau de toilette is from 30 c.u. for 50 ml.

5 Chanel – Chance Eau Vive.

Fragrance type: woody, floral.

Get as a gift a perfume by Chanel – the dream of any girl. Even if she has never confessed her love for the perfumes of this House of Fashion, you can take a risk and win! The perfume was released in 2015 and has found fans all over the world.

The airy and warm fragrance is suitable for daily use and has no age restrictions. In the composition you can clearly hear juicy citrus, white jasmine and something subtle – a trail of white cedar and vetiver.

You will have to pay a lot for a bottle of Chanel eau de toilette – from 80 c.u. for 50 ml. and we don’t guarantee that your beloved won’t ask for the same fragrance again!